Day 2. Musings on mistletoe

I wanted to share an out-of-the-blue blessing that came just before Christmas, which provided fuel to kick start me wanting to writing this blog. It came in the guise of 3 big balls of mistletoe…

Mistletoe miracle
Mistletoe miracle

Through my local connections with the outdoors I discovered a local tree surgeon had felled an apple tree with mistletoe in. This fabulous team of chainsaw wielding workers offered me 3 huge clusters for free, which I accepted – just think about all those kisses!

I really wanted to share the blessing I had been given and decided to see if I could give sprigs away at a Christingle church service. In return I asked for a donation of any amount to go towards a charity called The Dorothy Springer Trust. Based in Sierra Leone, this charity was set up by a fantastic guy called Abs Dumbuya who is blessing his local community. DST offers training those who have lost limbs during the Civil War in computing skills. These are people who would normally be excluded from society and would struggle to ever find a job – they now have a hope and a future.

The generosity of people was overwhelming and in total the mistletoe raised £120. I was absolutely amazed, and the kisses I got were a bonus!

Winter Windsor sunset
Winter Windsor sunset

Today’s blessings:

  • Admiring a crisp winter sunset whilst eating a slice of blueberry and lemon cake at the Windsor Farm Shop followed by my dad offering his time and skills to fix my computer and install a printer, which he did brilliantly.

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