Day 5. Unexpected chats

Featured imageAs a Countryside Ranger, I have a varied job that gets me out and about looking after all sorts of lovely natural places.

Today, however, I planned a research day. I wanted to discover the history behind a wood I manage. The aim is to use this information to create some snazzy interpretation signs, so I headed for my local library.

En-route I bumped into a local street cleaner I know and we had a chat, mainly about past and future holidays as he collected up all the leftovers and litter scattered down the road. He was making the place around him better and cheering me up, at the same time. It was a moment that brightened my day.

I felt blessed to have a library to access. What an amazing resource – newspapers, archives, books, DVDs and friendly, helpful staff. All for free.

Whilst in there, I bumped into 2 other people I know and we had a couple of nice chats. One of which encouraged me to get some lunch. While out buying a bite to eat I had a chuckle with the supermarket cashier, who couldn’t help laughing. Her previous customer had filled her shopping bag so full the bread fell out, the comedy of this was, the shopping bag said “SHOP TILL YOU DROP”.

The value of chatting is one I often underestimate. In a hectic and busy life, with so much to do it can appear a burden but maybe it is really a blessing?


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