Day 14. Beauty and the bin liner

A rich jewel-blue sky greeted me this morning.

January sky01_15
“Excuse me while I kiss the sky” Jimi Hendrix

I was captivated by the colour and loved lingering a little on my windowsill and gazing upwards before the busyness of the day began. No matter how crowded the earth gets, thank goodness we cannot clutter the sky. What an ever-changing, beautiful blessing.

After a day spent outdoors with a team of volunteers cutting vegetation and picking up vast quantities of litter, I  returned to my yard with a van bursting with black bin liners full of rubbish.

I was weary.

One of my colleagues, who just arrived back at the same time saw how much I had to do and offered to help me unload and dispose of these bags. It was a kind, well-timed and much appreciated offer.

It’s moments like these that make life so much better.


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