North Wales Day 3



The sun rose over the sea and greeted me with all its gorgeousness, encouraging me to get the kettle on and get going to the beach.

I wandered down to Abersoch and stepped out into cosy seaside scene, filled with colourful beach huts . The curved beach and hills extended their arms of rock to hug Cardigan bay. The sea was completely still, like glass and I was greeted by several fish leaping out of the water.

Canoes on Abersoch beach

I had been drawn to visit this tiny peninsula to put vision to the tales I had heard since a young child.

This was where my grand parents first met as twenty somethings, walking on the beach. It was a true romance.

My grandad saw my Nan and within moments he knew this was the woman he wanted to marry.


To his horror however her family left the next day.

In dismay he walked to a nearby hill and prayed. His prayer was an ultimatum and went something like “God, it’s either bring this woman back or I will become a monk!”

Thankfully for all my family, my Nan returned and the rest is history.

Their first date was canoeing out to the island in the bay. It was heart warming to see two canoes just resting on the sand as I walked along.

As I was reflecting on being in this place an elderly couple walked past and stopped to chat. They told me how they loved Abersoch and have been going since they started dating and are now celebrating 50 years of marriage. They laughed about a time they had no accommodation and had to sleep on the beach for a night with their children.

As we talked I couldn’t hold back my tears. I lost my grandad in January so this was a really poignant moment for me. The couple were so kind to me and said I reminded them of their own grand daughter.

We parted ways and I carried on my way. From boaters to fisherman and beach hut fixers, I chatted to so many lovely people and it gave me a flavour of the area.

Here are a few discoveries:

Bear Grylls had bought and built a giant slide on the island within the bay. The council thought it was an eye sore and it had to be removed!

The beach huts were being sold for £100,000!

Lots of people from Manchester love to holiday there and richer people are buying up properties – much to the locals annoyance.

Skate and flounder can all be caught with a line from the beach, but you have to time it right with the tide.

View over Cardigan Bay
View over Cardigan Bay

I paddled in the sea and enjoyed a warm cup of bovril from the beach cafe, I then sat on the hill side of the bay soaking up the beauty. I was sad to leave, but my journey demanded me to return closer to England.


Isle of Anglesey
That town with the long name…

I finished the day admiring Caernarvon castle and setting up tent on the Isle of Anglesey in a rather wild and rugged campsite


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